Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My favorite part, the booty! I work hard for this round butt, and I will always work hard on it.

I have been doing my squats faithfully and now that my gym got the glute ham raise I can see the roundness increasing!

It really is a shame to see someone with an attractive physique only to find that when they turn around, they have no rear end. Not only is it not attractive, it is signs of a weak posterior chain. Show me someone with a flat butt and I guarantee you they have, or will soon have back problems.

I was at home on Friday having a new garage door installed, the worker said to me "Don't take offense, but you have great glutes."  Now why on earth would I be offended? Doesn't he know I train hard just to hear people tell me things like this?!

He then wanted to know just what I do for my great glutes, so I gave him the run down of my one hour glute training day, and of course the squats and lunges on leg day that hit the glutes too.

He very kindly then replaced some rotted wood on the side of the garage too, and he didn't have to do that.

I understand they now make padded underwear! Too darn funny. They are called Booty Pop and I guess they are selling quite well, pretty sad really. So what happens when you take off those underwear and you have a sorry flat rear end? I say stick to those glute exercises, squats and lunges like me.

Here is a video of the Booty Pop underwear on a TV show called The View:
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