Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So what does a 49 year old Figure competitor take on vacation? 10 of the most beautiful, sexy, skimpy bikini's known to man! And the autobiography of Keith Richards....

I call the suit I am wearing "Cupcake" because it is soft, white covered with small delicate rounds of fluttery fabric, in pink, blue and white. They are like soft feathery scales, and they look like the pastel sprinkles on white cupcakes!  

These suites are all made by a company called Pin Up Stars in Italy. They are each quite unique, covered with swavorski crystals, sequins or beads. There is one David calls "Nemo" because the top is all sequin scales, and the bottom is a big orange clown fish, right across the butt.

There is the beautiiful pink one with purple glass beads and white flower petals on the top, and the bullseye patterned one with swirls on the strings.

I strated collecting them one year after my bikini was stolen while drying on my patio in Mexico. I told the owner of the hotel "I don't work this hard in the gym to wear just any old baggy suit!". I then bought as many as I could find and afford, they are not available very often and they are not cheap.

The joke at the hotel now is that everyone else locks up their wallets in the safe deposit box, Kristy locks up her bikini's!

I must say, weight training does fill out a bikini well doesn't it?