Saturday, August 14, 2010


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Do you own a scale? This is the only scale I have, and it is for weighing food, not people.  I weigh my starches (carbs) and my protein.  If you are serious about maintaining your weight, or attempting to lose weight you must have a scale.

It is so easy to over estimate the foods you are selecting, it just isn't a wise idea to try to maintain your diet without a scale. You work hard at the gym, you are eating the correct foods, but if you don't eat the correct portion, you are working against yourself.

They are not expensive, and you can get as fancy or plain as you like. The most important features are the ability to zero it out, so that you can place any plate or bowl on it and reset it to zero so only the food added gets weighed. The other criteria should be one that can easily be read when a large bowl is on it.

Some have their own clear bowl that comes with it, and that is fine too. I suggest getting one that is small enough  that you can easily leave it on the counter all the time, so you are sure to use it.

I even know a couple friends who carry portable scales in their purses! I don't do that, although I will bring my own pre-weighed bag of chicken breast to add to my ramen when I go out with my family!

I detest appliances on the counter, in fact I have my microwave and toaster oven behind a closed cabinet door.  But my wonderful little stainless steel scale is right there, in plain view at all times.

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