Wednesday, August 18, 2010


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I love glutes. And I particularly like my butt when I am not at my lightest, because it looks round, full and healthy. If you have followed my blog, you know that back in December of 2009 I went on the "bring me a butt like Beyonce" workout, it was quite successful! SC developed it for me. He loves glutes and quads, so asking him to give me a set of exercises to make either bigger was no problem.

I make sure that I always include lots of glute training, in fact I devote an entire hour to glutes once a week, and many of my other days hit the glutes as a secondary muscle group.

There is nothing wrong with a nice, round full rear end, as long as it's not wide or heading south!  In fact, SC told me the other day he saw a very attractive woman, then she stood up and she had no butt to speak of, the back of her jeans hung flat and straight. He was sorely disappointed.

What can you do?

Reverse hypers
Hip thrusters
Glute Bridge
Reverse leg press
Sumo squats
Iso reverse hypers
Cable 45 degree abduction
Seated good mornings
X band walks
Triangle of terror

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