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I just bought these shoes and I love them!  I usually wear Chuck Taylor's because SC told me that when you are lifting heavy, you don't want the typical running shoes that everyone wears to the gym, the kind with the big cushy heel. This will not provide a stable base.

So when I would lift with SC, the rules were barefoot or Chuck Taylor's and nothing else. Well, I am not lifting with SC any longer, which means I am not squatting more than 185 because I am on my own. Deadlifts- I am at 195. None of that is so heavy I need to worry about my shoes so much.
These puppies are amazing! They feel like wearing slippers. They are a slip in model, with laces to tighten, but very few seams, and they weigh a whopping 7 ounces each!
Here is a bit from Nike's website about these:

Barefoot running. Everyone's talking about how great it is, but is it truly beneficial? We think so. And here's why.

Barefoot running frees up your foot's range of motion, allowing you to strengthen muscles you don't normally use in a typical running shoe. But we understand that you aren't crazy about squishing your toes in mud or dodging broken glass with bare feet.

Enter the Nike Free Run+. Its flexible design closely mimics the natural movement of your foot. And unlike a lot of regular running shoes, its flexibility provides a world of comfort on the run or while walking around.

Other features:

-More flex grooves promote an even more natural, barefoot-like stride

-Increased support under the arch for improved stability

-More cushioning for an exceptional ride

-A completely new midsole design for a better fit

-A precisely engineered upper for targeted support

-Asymmetrical lacing for added comfort

-Nike+ ready

Are you ready to free your feet?
Are you curious what the Elites have to say about the new Nike Free Run+? We were too. Here's what Asafa Powell, Kara Goucher, Paula Radcliffe and Ariane Friedrich shared with us.

Sprinter Asafa Powell called the Nike Free Run+ "light as a feather." He finds the shoe great for his training for several reasons. "I like the flexibility of the sole because it really allows me to push off the ground properly, but it's also very comfortable and still as supportive as I need it to be."

Distance standout Kara Goucher said that she wears the Nike Free Run+ during her cool down runs because it makes her feet stronger. She noted, "The stronger my feet are, the more stable my entire body becomes and the less likely I am to become injured."

Paula Radcliffe considers the Nike Free Run+ to be "an integral part" of her strengthening program. She commented: "They are more flexible than a regular training shoe so they allow my foot to behave close to its natural movement." Radcliffe added: "I also find they really allow my feet to recover well after long workouts and runs."

But don't think that the Nike Free Run+ shoes are just for runners. High jumper Ariane Friedrich is a fan. "I train with the Nike Free Run+ to strengthen my feet and lower leg muscles; this gets them ready for competitions at the highest level."

Three women in the locker room this morning said they were getting some! They come in many other colors and I may just have to find some of the purple or turquoise ones.
My feet are happy. My feet are free
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