Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lifting Straps

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I love these straps! I don't wear gloves when I lift weights, although I used to. When I started training with SC, it was in a college athletic facility, so it was pretty much a testosterone filled room. Lot's of sweat, loud rap music, dirty socks on the ground, paper cups all over, bowls of chalk....yes chalk. No one wore gloves and I was not about to either.

When I would do heavy dead lifts, or RDL's my hands got slippery, so I was told to go stick em in the chalk. I used to hate the feeling of chalk, it's like fingernails on a blackboard. But I like it now. I used to like to plunge my hands in it, smack them together to see the white cloud then get chalk all over my quads.

When the deadlifts got really heavy, say in the 225 range, plain chalk just didn't do the trick, that bar was heavy and my hands just couldn't maintain the grip very long.

That's where these beauties come in! My gym has "lifting straps" but they are no good compared to these. Lifting straps are not sneered at like gloves are. "Real men" don't wear gloves I was told, but they can use straps. The problem with regular straps is they have a loop that you put your wrist through, and they tend to tighten up and cut off circulation, or they have a long hanging piece that just gets in the way.

These are from Ironmind and they are called "sew easy" lifting straps. They are cut and sewed together to provide the exact amount of fabric needed to just wind around the Olympic bar and stop you from loosing your grip.

I keep them in my gym backpack and take them with me everyday. I have loaned them to a couple guys and one of them has now bought his own!

If you are a serious, heavy lifter, I highly recommend these straps. Visit Ironmind and order some today!

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