Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nice Lats!

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A woman I had never met came up to me in the locker room today and  said "Excuse me, but you look super fit, can you help me?",  I said I would try. She apologized for bothering me but said I looked so good she was sure I could tell her what to do.

She turned around and tried to point to her lower lat area and asked how she could make " that" look better, how she could "get rid of this". I explained that it was body fat so she immediately said "oh I need to do more cardio".

No! I told her I have very low body fat, and I compete yet I don't do a lot of cardio, only close to competition time. You need to lift weights!

Now this woman was no slouch, in fact, I was having a very difficult time even seeing what she wanted to get rid of, she looked better than anyone else there at the moment. But we talked and I explained a couple of things she could do for her lower lats, and the proper technique.
I suggested she do some low rows on the seated row, with the triangle handle, and perform them slowly and squeeze her "wing bones" together, hold at the contraction.

Then try some wide grip lat pull downs. I see many people (mostly men) who load up the weight then thrust their bodies backward in an effort to perform this, totally incorrectly and not doing a bit of good. I said keep yourself upright, pull with your "wing bones" again, squeezing them. Keep your hands wide.

Then some back extensions for your spinal erectors, The bench in the back weight room, did she know it?

Try 4 sets of 15 to 18 of each, not really heavy weights but enough to feel it.

She thanked me and we went off our separate ways. Later I saw her peeking into the big weight room in the back where I was, this is where the back extension is located. I stopped lifting and asked her if she wanted me to show her what to do. She smiled and said "oh yes please" so off we went.

She asked my name, and introduced herself "P". I demonstrated then had her adjust it and she tired it, more adjustments then she said she felt it just where I told her she should.

I went back to my weights and later she came walking by, a big smile on her face and gave me a thumbs up.
I am hoping she will lift more weights now, avoid the cardio rut.

The reason I am telling you this? If you see someone you admire in the gym, take a moment and talk to them. As long as they are not in the middle of a lift, they will probably be more than happy to offer some help or advise. Weight lifters are a pretty nice group of individuals, they love to share tips and ideas on training and are usually thrilled to talk endlessly about the subject.

Take a chance, talk with someone new, friendships  are so difficult to nurture as we become older, we are so caught up in our own "stuff", it's great to be able to meet someone new, get a fresh perspective and start a new adventure!
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