Sunday, August 26, 2012

Being Comfortable as You

I'm all about feeling good about myself, it's important. It's really the only way to succeed. It's important to love yourself, respect yourself and give yourself credit for all your hard work. 

I also believe that the way you treat others is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself. If you feel good about yourself, you treat others well. If you do not feel good about yourself, you treat others poorly.

My pursuit of "the perfect body" has been a long and exciting one, I'm certainly not done but I have learned a lot. I have a lot to share. 

I am not ashamed of my body, I never have been and never will be. This body is amazing.  It has carried a child, given birth (naturally, no epidural), breast fed for one ENTIRE year,  and is now 51 years of age. I think it has been a tremendous friend and has held up well. 

But I have taken care of it.

Oh, there were the years when I did not, believe me. But now I do all I can to celebrate and pamper my fantastic piece of machinery.

These pictures were taken Saturday, August 25 at about 11:00 am.

I need to remind myself that I look good, I often beat myself up and make myself feel less than I should, I have very, very high expectations.

It is important to believe in yourself, to tell yourself you do a good job. Not many people will do it for you right? If you are a person who has a job, you know just what I mean. How often does your employer say to you "We are so lucky to have you! We could not meet our goals without your fantastic skills!"......right....

And if you are a stay at home mom, no one ever, EVER says that to you. They just want to know when dinner is on the table, and "why are you so tired???"

I have my things I wish I could change. I wish I wasn't so hairy (but it's all super white blond!), I wish I didn't have Flintstone feet (they are fat and super wide), I wish I had a tiny waist, I wish I had less wrinkles on my face. I would like to have pretty long nails, but I am not going to glue on the fake ones....

But, then I need to remember the things I am thankful for.

I am super strong, I can out lift most men in my gym! I have a great, round, high butt. I have beautiful naturally blond, long hair. I am healthy. My cholesterol is 153 and my Vitamin D levels are at 53. Triglycerides are at 62, slightly up from last year, but still respectable.

My doctor thinks I am a living freak. He used to discuss steroids  with me, thinking I was always taking something...something to make me so amazing. This year he changed his tune. Once again, I have proven to him I am naturally healthy, strong and just living life to it's fullest. 

I love transforming my body, watching the changes that occur as I eat a healthy (or unhealthy) meal. I feel in control of my destiny.

I love my back, it looks amazing doesn't it? And I am only training it once a week now, but I suppose those extra chin ups have done the trick!

The way to start a program of change is to start by loving yourself. Treat yourself with kindness, encourage yourself.

Celebrate your beauty.