Saturday, August 25, 2012

Physical Therapy for Hamstring Strain

I finally started Physical Therapy for my hamstring. I feel like I have told my story to so many doctors and had to do it yet again. They all keep referring me to each other. 

I went into the therapist on Thursday and met with Brian, I explained everything and he poked, prodded, stretched, manipulated and twisted my body to determine exactly where it hurt, what was tight, what was sore and what we might be able to fix.

Brian decided that I really should go back to Dr. Leahy and have some A.R.T. performed on my hip flexors, they are both super tight and uncomfortable. I just wish insurance would pay for those visits, but it doesn't. Brian did agree though, that the entire left side of my lower body is "jacked up" as I said.

I was there for an hour and a half! I did lots of different stretches, some cable exercises, some silly bends with a 2.5 pound kettlebell. I think he made me use it because I laughed at the three little bells and said "I have never seen such tiny kettlebells! They look like jewelry!"

Some of the stretches require a partner, I need to find someone to stretch me. Anyone close by and willing - let me know!

The highlight of the session was 11 minutes on this thing, I believe it was electromagnetic stimulation. I had this once for a shoulder injury years ago, I told Brian that it was like an exciting masochistic event as I was in control of the dial that determined the electrical output. How much can I take? It is an odd sensation holding it and slowly adjusting the electrical current.

I didn't have shorts so Brian got these big black basketball shorts and tossed them to me. "I bet you never wear anything like this to the gym!" he said as he closed the door to allow me to change.

I told him that I didn't, but there was the time when I was standing outside at work for hours due to a fire alarm and I called SC and asked If I could come lift to kill the time - did he have anything I could wear?  He said yes and when I got there and changed I looked like a rag doll in the huge clothes. I said "Where the hell did you get these?!" and he said the shirt was his (he is a big guy and I think he wore extra large) and the shorts belonged to the NFL player James Jones of the Green Bay Packers, SC used to be his Strength Coach. "They got a drawstring!" he said "Cinch 'em up and let's go!"

Brian had me lay down with my legs elevated and connected the electrodes.

He had it on a fairly high current- I made the mistake of telling him that I have a very high pain threshold. 

Here you can see the muscles jumping around in response to the treatment, it was quite an odd sensation. The muscles jerked quite violently at times. He siad I can buy a small home version for a super affordable price, I am thinking about it but need to research the effectiveness a bit more. If you have any opinions, i would love to hear them!

I have scheduled an appointment to see Dr. Leahy about my hip flexors, funny how the only thing that really gives me relief is the one that insurance will not pay for. 

I'll be going back for physical therapy twice a week for the next month and I will keep you posted! 

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