Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bare Fruit Apple Chip Giveaway winner

A while back I was contacted by Bare Fruit inquiring if I wanted to sample their Apple Chips and if I liked them, they would provide a case to one of my readers. So, a few weeks ago I held a contest asking readers to submit their suggestions for music that I would use to perform my Women's Physique routine.

It was tough! I got lots of great suggestions, and loaded most (but not all) of the music onto my iPod and listened, danced, critiqued, and basically enjoyed a lot of new music while training.

It was also interesting to me to hear what other people felt was a good beat to pose to, and I understand it's all very personal, and it depends on how you plan to move or dance.  Many posing routines are very slow and set to classical music, many are fast and upbeat. I think I made it very clear I was looking for fast, dance music, that's sure what I got!

After I listened to everything I am still undecided,  so since I couldn't select one I felt it would be best to pick a name randomly so I placed all the names into a basket and selected one. Below is a picture of my son, Cooper drawing the winner. We were home for the day, he just had four wisdom teeth pulled and is taking Percocet, Vicodin does nothing for his pain. He literally got home an hour before this picture was taken, I think the meds just kicked in!

I contacted Bare fruit and asked something that I should have asked before- will they ship out of the country? It would make perfect sense that they would not, and I didn't think of this before. I know at least one person who submitted a song was not in the United States- it was my brother and he is on the move, just having moved away from Barcelona and is in Berlin until he settles for the next few years in Paris.

I decided that if I drew his name I would have to send him something else!

This routine has proven to be quite a challenge to me, it is very different than just standing and posing on stage, so I am glad that I am allowing myself plenty of time to carefully consider my music, style, posing and routine.

And the winner is:


Charlotte will be receiving a case of Bare Fruit Cinnamon Apple Chips, shipped directly from Bare Fruit. Charlotte please send your shipping information to my email:

She submitted I'm Sexy and I Know it by LMFAO (email readers will need to navigate to the blog to view the video below)

While I still have not decided on my music, it was fun and I will still take any suggestions that you may come up with!

Thanks to everyone who participated!