Thursday, August 30, 2012

Women's Physique or Bodybuilding

Many people don't see the difference: "All y'all have way too many muscles!" I have heard. Well, there is a huge difference between Bodybuilders and Women's Physique competitors and I have found a couple videos for you to watch that will enable you to immediately see the differences. 

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Here we see a female Bodybuilder performing her routine. This is Lisa Giesbrecht.

Lisa looks great- but this is not what I will be doing, not what I want to do, not how I want to look and frankly, I don't think I ever could look like this. She has some major muscle there!

Notice the "separation", the muscles all have distinct outlines, not one big smooth muscle, but you see each individual one clearly. The body looks "hard", there is no layer of fat covering the muscles.

Below is a "pose down" of three Women's Physique competitors, they are "pro's" so they can compete for money. Although they can win cash prizes, the amounts are minute, nothing really, you can spend more than what is awarded for the first prize on one posing suit. 

A pose down is where they will have the top three vie for the audience approval and create a little fun and excitement, only one will be the first place winner! This is standard "bodybuilding" showmanship.

You can clearly see that these women demonstrate a more "feminine" look, less androgynous, less muscular, more body fat, less muscle separation, their bodies are not as "hard". Although they carry a lot of muscle, much more than your average woman, and more than the typical Figure competitor, I think they have as close to the "ideal physique" as I could ever imagine wanting! 

As you can see, the Women's Physique look is that of a slightly more muscular Figure competitor, and there is the individual dance or posing routine that must be performed of course. In Figure you stand those darn heels just smiling and looking pretty!