Friday, August 3, 2012

A Perfect Light Therapy

After my Active Release Technique treatment (A.R.T.), Dr. Leahy suggested one session of A Perfect Light Therapy, he uses these in conjunction with each other and it wasn’t a big expense so I took his advice and scheduled the appointment. Dr. Leahy wasn’t going to be there but Sophia could place the pad where it needed to go.

Above is the machine that the light pad is connected to, I took these laying on the table so lighting and actual image may be a bit off.

I changed into thin, comfortable sweats before I went in, if I was going to lay there for 20 minutes I might just want to doze off. I climbed up onto the massage table and Sophia showed me the large pad, it would be placed over the offending glute.  She said it worked best directly on the skin so I undid the drawstring, dropped trou and she placed it there.

Apparently it can get quite warm, so I was given a small doorbell, just like one you see on your front door, without a door attached. She said to ring it if the pad gets too hot.

She set a timer and left, closing the door behind me. I laid there; it felt great as it warned up, like a nice cozy heating pad. I wanted it over the rest of my body actually.

I looked at my phone, browsed Facebook a bit then put it and my head down and closed my eyes.

Next thing I knew a timer was going off, the door opened and it was Sophia. “I’m not done yet!” I exclaimed. “Are you sure that was 20 minutes?” She assured me it was time and I had to leave. I actually enjoyed the quiet and the warmth.

She asked if I wanted to schedule more sessions and I explained that Dr. Leahy said if this didn’t do it, then I should have an MRI, so no, no further sessions were needed.

I haven’t read enough to understand how the light therapy works, and what exactly it does, but it’s been almost two weeks and my contracted glute has not been bothering me. My hamstring has, and I may just schedule some visits to have this done on my hamstring and not the glute, but that’s a whole other post in the next couple days!

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