Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Training For Size

Posted by PicasaI look better with more meat on my bones as you can see here. Just a few pounds adds some curves that seem to disappear when I am at competition time.

That's why my goal is to pack on as much lean muscle mass as I possibly can, so that when I do have to drop my body fat extremely low for a competition next year, I will keep those beautiful curves  you see silhouetted by the Bay Bridge on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

So what's the plan? For three weeks I will pretty much eat whatever I want, I have one week left!

Then it's back to the same diet, but I will incorporate some fruit, some other meats such as pork, other beef, lamb and occasional wine or treats. I'll have pasta occasionally!

Meals 3 and 4 will have a slightly smaller amount of starch to make up for added calories at other meals.

My training will be fewer exercises, but as heavy as I can manage. I am sticking with the basics, whole body movements that work everything. Dumbbell curls will not be in my repertoire. I will need to really push to get my body to grow.

Cardio will be intervals at the track, running stadium stairs or plyos on the football field. No more than 3 times a week. That will be in addition to my morning weight training.

Sleep, I will need lot's of sleep. That's when my body produces growth hormone. I like to get it naturally...

I have to be careful, to grow I need to consume more calories than I am expending, that's also how I get fat.  

Oh I love change, I am excited!
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