Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nike Girl

Posted by Picasa Recently I wrote about my new shoes, Nike Free Run+. I love them! They weigh only 7 ounces each, I feel like I am barefoot when I wear them.

The first day I wore them to the gym, I went over to  show them to "A" since he is a runner and works for Nike in some sort or fashion.

I know that because he gives me "family and friends" coupons for 30% off at the outlet stores.

Actually, he is more than a runner, he ran in the 1974 Olympics! Not sure if he got any medals, and that doesn't matter, the fact that he even made it there is enough for me!

He said "Where did you get those and how much did ya pay?!"  I told him I got them at Big 5 and the price.

He said "Don't do that, I will get them for you! And at half price! What color do ya want?"

I told him as bright as possible, any color, just not black.

I got an email the other day from him, he said they were at the desk at the gym, and he hoped I liked them. I  had to go in and do my cardio, so I picked them up on my way in and wore them right then and there!

What color did "A" select for me? PINK! With a dark gray top panel and a light gray swoosh...

"A" stopped by as I was training with cables the next morning, telling me what racy pink shoes I had on, and in fact, my shoes matched my outfit! (Yes, I planned it that way....)

He said he can pick up more, in fact, they had some purple ones he was going to get for me, but wanted to be sure I liked these first. He flies out there every week, and said he will pick them up next trip.

I am thinking maybe some lime green and I do like the baby blue also....and now Cooper wants some too. This could become an obsession!

 I am now free x 2!
 Isn't that a happy face?
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