Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dinner Out Back to Normal!

Posted by PicasaLest you think I am always on a diet, here's a picture to prove I can eat with the best of them and hold my own too!

I had to go exchange some pants at Santana Row, so there happened to be a wine tasting at Vintage Wine Merchants, and then we had to eat too, so we ended up at Left Bank.

What did I eat? Steak Frites with Bordelaise Sauce and Aioli.  

It is important to learn to balance things like this. Some people eat like this all the time, and they look like they do too.

I know other people who are afraid to eat like this once in a while. I think that is really unfortunate, but if they are happy living like that, then that is totally their business.

People will look at me and say "well you adhere to a totally strict diet for months! What's the difference?" The key word there was "for months", then I am not obsessed with it. I have to stick to a rigid diet to get my body fat abnormally low, for a competition, not for life.

I will then choose my meals carefully, I don't eat garbage on a regular basis, I don't suck down alcohol all weekend long, then clean up my diet on Monday morning, that doesn't work, you have got to live fairly clean 90% of the time. 

Think about it, if there are 7 days in a week, and you drink alcohol 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) you are drinking 42% of the time! That is hardly even close to 90% compliance. 

The same goes for the food you eat, if you aim for 90% compliance, then don't beat yourself up when you "fall off the wagon" or better yet, you get to a point where you allow yourself meals like this once in a while, not only will you feel better emotionally but you will probably adhere to the clean diet better in the long run.

By the way, Left Bank does an amazing job with their skirt steak. Did I tell you I had a Sapphire Gibson too? And my alarm went off Saturday morning and I got to the gym when they opened at 6:00 am for my Quadzilla workout.
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