Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cream of Rice with Chicken

Posted by PicasaI have really been enjoying this concoction.  It is my breakfast pre-competition but I certainly plan to eat it more often!

1 serving cream of rice (or steel cut oats or oatmeal)
1 serving sauteed ground chicken breast or chopped cooked chicken breast  (for me that is 4 ounces)

Warm in the microwave, stir in plenty of splenda and cinnamon.

This provides the starches and protein you need for a compete meal, in place of my usual bowl of oats and a cup of microwaved egg whites.

Don't be afraid to eat "dinner" foods for breakfast, or "breakfast" foods for dinner. In fact, a favorite dinner of mine is a cup of egg whites, and about a cup and a half of mixed vegetables such as chilies, mushrooms, zucchini and then 3 ounces of brown rice or beans. Microwave all together, and if not in competition prep, you can add some fat free or low fat cheese, and plenty of salsa or hot sauce!
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