Monday, October 11, 2010

Quadzilla (lite)

Posted by PicasaI was reading Natural Muscle Magazine and ran across an article by Steve Shaw called "the Quadzilla, 60 Minutes of Leg Destruction" he said it was named after the King of Quads, Tom Platz.
I am forever attempting to get bigger quads, so this caught my eye. Now the only problem with this workout was it was designed to do only once a month.   Not sure about you, but I pretty much detest anything that comes around once a month, so I decided I would alter it to fit my needs.

 This is designed where you will perform your squats at 60% to 70% of your one rep max. You will be doing a lot of squats, so don't try to load the plates on too much!
I did this on Thursday, and could already feel them that afternoon. Friday, I was sore. Saturday I was popping Advil. Not only were my quads in pain, my glutes hurt too, I was a pathetic sight. Sunday, today as I write this, I am sore still, but it is fading. Good thing cause I gotta hit them again on Monday morning.

Mondays are always "Bench Press Mondays' for the guys, they all come in swaggering after the weekend and want to prove how tough they are again. This is good, because it keeps them out of my squat rack. They can lay on their bench grunting and I have the squat rack all to myself!

Here is Quadzilla Lite (1)

Front Squat 5x8 125 pounds
Back Squat 5x10 135 pounds
Hamstring curls 8x10 20 pounds added to machine
Leg Extension 5x10 90 pounds
Lunge Walking 30 seconds walk, 30 seconds rest holding 20 pound dumbbells in each hand. Repeat 5 times.
I plan to incorporate Quadzilla Lite (2) and Quadzilla Lite (3). My changes will be adding RDL's one day and leg press in the other in instead of the hamstring curl. It may prove to be way too much and I might have to go back down to two times a week, but I will never know unless I try right?
He advises to "eat like a monster" post workout, I do like that advise, in fact, I have been doing quite a bit of that, I have gained 7 pounds since the 2nd. I will soon have to stop eating like that, I am looking a little sloppy, but I can clean up fairly fast, in just a couple weeks actually.
But I am still giving myself some leeway, at least for another week or so. Then it's back to the same 'ol, same 'ol!
I know that pain does not mean a good workout, nor is it always desirable, but it really did hurt so good, I had this in my head all weekend long!  (Email subscribers may need to navigate directly to the blog to see the embedded video)

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