Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What is Women's Physique?

My last competition was May of 2012, and it was in the division of Figure. I am moving to Physique. I have worked hard, I have eaten well, slept as much as possible and stayed as lean as possible while still growing. So what is it all about anyway? What is Physique?

I have a video or a Vblog (email readers must navigate to the blog link at the top to view this). It is my longest so far, just over 8 minutes, but you can hear me explain first hand my journey to Physique.

The NPC guidelines state that Women's Physique competitors should have the overall aesthetics and look that is found in Figure with a little more overall muscularity. When it was first introduced a couple years ago I was intrigued and immediately wanted to do it, but I decided to wait and watch what the other women looked like, and which "look" was being awarded by the judges. 

At first most of the women looked like Bodybuilders, I think many Bodybuilders decided to move "down", perhaps because they couldn't add the size necessary for Bodybuilding, or they didn't want to get that big. I didn't think I could compete against them, so I waited. More and more bigger Figure gals started competing in the division, now this was more to my liking and along the lines of my own physique!

After my last competition I made the plunge. I explain it in my Vlog. 

My shoulders  look big and round, I have always had great shoulders and they are my pride and joy.  I look a little "bigger" than most of my friends who are Figure competitors, Physique is the place for me. I also tend to be leaner than most, so this is a plus. While they don't want competitors as lean as Bodybuilders, they can be slightly leaner than Figure.

It's not Bodybuilding, not in any way. If a Women's Physique competitor gets too big, they will be told to move to Bodybuilding or reduce their size.  

Women's Physique is another avenue for me (and other women) to display my hard work and showcase my stunning physique.  For me, it's a way to set a goal, so I have a date and a time, a plan, something to push me just a bit harder each day. It's easy to become complacent, to become bored of the routine. By competing, I keep myself sharp and on my toes all the time. It's that feeling "I can just stay in bed and sleep longer" that quickly dissipates when you then realize sleeping in could make or break the difference between first and second place. 

Please take the time to watch my Vblog below.


  1. What a fun video! And you've got that flip-the-hair movement down perfectly? But who was the bozo who was walking around behind you and kept clearing his throat?!

    1. Ha ha, He's some guy who jumps around a lot, he's skinny but fit. He runs and jumps rope and basically looks pretty ragged all the time. He doesn't bother me.

      And, the hair is a big deal! Can you believe it? The hair MUST be moved away from the body (they tell you that) so they can see your muscles, and they don;t like short's not "feminine"......LOL!

  2. THAT WAS AWESOME! Yay! Shoes! :)

    It was funny because every pose you showed, I felt myself flexing those areas....while sitting down. :) You look AMAZING, Mama!!! Holy cow! That 7.8% looks good on you! Can't wait to see you even lower! You're totally going to knock some socks off and with that music? I think the toes will definitely be tapping in the audience. :) CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

    1. Yes! Flex away! Thanks, I feel pretty good right now, just gotta get the routine down. I do like my physique when I am really low bodyfat too......David keeps trying to feed meso I don't get too lean....