Monday, February 18, 2013


Today my motivational message is a bit different than usual. I usually share a lot of quotes; quotes with a theme (at least I always feel there is a theme), but there's a lot more pictures of me this time and a personal note of motivation!

I am on vacation in Mexico as you read this, and am probably struggling between feeling guilty ( because I am not sticking to my diet and I am drinking alcohol..during the day too!); along with eating more food and fattening food at that.

We all go through that - and the self sabotage is not healthy. We should all have a chance to enjoy, to relax, to just cut loose and feel hedonistic and free without worry of consequences.

I think that I have an extra burden, knowing that I have a competition soon  and many of my peers have already started their strict diets, but I tend to remain lean. Much leaner than most, so my diet shouldn't be too bad,  and actually if I diet too long I will start to look haggard since I am starting out lean already. I mean, I think I have three pounds to lose pre-vacation, so a pound more post vacation?

The thing most people don't understand is that it's not just the scale - but it's how your body looks, how it has been consistently treated. How the muscle and the fat rest within the confines of the skin, the tightness, the elasticity, the smoothness.  This all changes based on the small things ingested, and how the body has been treated on a regular basis. So you really cannot party hard and eat like crap and then "buckle down" for a few weeks and make it all OK. It's just not that easy. If it were, then everyone would do it wouldn't they?

So while a competitor may not gain weight, they may may look fatter, puffier, softer and all around out of shape based on one or two meals, now compound that to several, basically my week in Mexico....and you see my point?

Today I have pictures of me the day before vacation, with my un-tanned skin, trying on suits I have not worn in a year, not since last February when I was in Mexico.

Some women would kill to look like me, yet I found all sorts of things to improve. But I won't repeat them because it won't do anyone any good will it? I still had fun, and I will continue to have fun, rocking my fun suits.

My point today? Celebrate your accomplishments,  celebrate your drive, spirit, energy, enthusiasm, happiness, playfulness, energy, tenacity, stubbornness  the list is endless. Celebrate each baby step you have taken to get to your goal.

Celebrate YOU, and what you have molded ourself into.

Change takes place when you decide. So the power is in our hands. Take the steps necessary, reach out for help, appreciate those who give and support.

These suits are all "Pin Up Stars" from Italy. They all have beads, sequins, ruffles, rhinestones, pleats, beads, embroidery, or some interesting pattern. Most have a super detailed top and a much less fancy bottom, i have found most of the bottoms are still too large for my taste. Probably the fact that my competition suit is so small, these seem huge.

I (or David) have named some of them. We have Nemo; Sprinkles, Target, Jungle Book, Rose, Mermaid, Stripper, Kitty Kat. Guess which is which!  Oh the black one? I love the bottoms and cannot find the top! 

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