Wednesday, October 17, 2012

FitNutz Powdered Peanut Butter


Peanut Butter, another one of my “vices”. 

I suppose if I am going to have any this isn’t really too bad though.

I have tried giving it up, I have tried going without, and during competition prep I will go quite some time without it, when I HAVE to, I can easily do it.

So many competitors rave about PB2, and while I also buy it, it has never done the same thing for me that real peanut butter does, it’s lacking the texture, the creamy, thick, viscous mouth feel that sends chills up and down my spine, seriously. I shudder when I eat it.

My favorite way to eat peanut butter is by the spoonful, so nothing gets in its way or adulterates it. This seems like a very foolish decision though when all I want is the peanut butter taste in oatmeal or a shake, the calories are high; this is not a low fat or low calorie food.

So, like everyone else I would buy PB2 regular and chocolate. But I wasn’t happy that they have sugar in it, I rarely eat sugar, it’s “the devil’s food”.

I was chatting with friends on Facebook one night and Sharon posted a picture of this product called FitNutz, it’s like peanut butter in that it comes from powdered peanuts, but there is no sugar! They use erythritol, an all natural sugar substitute!


It contains powdered peanuts, granulated peanuts (for the chunky that I bought), erythritol and salt.

I instantly went to their website to order it and they were out of the 1 pound bags and shipping was really high (in my opinion) so I waited. I then shopped around and found it at a lower price and shipping was half the amount on

I ordered my big bag and received it quite quickly. I used it in my shake that evening when I got home from training with Roy and loved the peanut butter flavor. The 2 tablespoons I used contained 60 calories; 3 grams of fat; 4 grams of carbs (2 grams fiber, so net 2 grams carbs); 6 grams protein; 30 mg sodium and 0 sugar!

If you enjoy PB2, I suggest giving this a try to cut out the sugar!