Sunday, October 28, 2012


Have you seen these magazine ads? They may be on TV, but I don't watch TV so I wouldn't know. Oh, I take that back. I do see the TV when I am rolling on my rumble roller in the living room, but it's typically a car race, baseball, football or the silly British guys who race and crash expensive cars, whatever David is watching....

Anyway, things like this really upset me. Not only are they making claims that in no way are valid, but they are setting people up to fail, giving them false hope and generally selling lies. Read the instructions below, this is how you start a "crash" diet. 

For the first week, the only sustenance you have is this Almased! Three times a day and broth! For a week! 

Then the second week and get ONE MEAL (at lunch) and the other two are again, Almased and a bit more...some milk and some cocoa powder.

They claim this is a "healthy way to lose weight fast". Yes, you will lose weight fast, but you would on any liquid diet (provided it was a healthy liquid and not Jack Daniels). 

They go on to make many claims about the wonders of this product, it seems to cure everything that could possibly ail you! They further claim that with other similar diets you are in starvation mode so your metabolism slows down, but not with Almased. It apparently speeds up your metabolism. So what is in this miracle diet formula?

From this website: Almased®, is a powder made from the purest all-natural ingredients using a unique manufacturing process. It is made from soy protein, honey enzymes, and skim milk yogurt powder that complement each other through a fermentation process and work together in a synergistic way. When combined, these ingredients are more effective than if used individually – this is how Almased® supplies the body with highly effective nutrients for the best possible metabolism.

You know what this means? Its a meal replacement shake. Yep, with Soy as the main ingredient. There is nothing special, nothing magical, it's just like drinking any one of your favorite whey protein shakes. It has soy, milk, and honey.

But what happens after you go on this horrendous liquid diet (for the recommended 6 weeks)? Do you go back to the usual foods you were eating? How can anyone in their right mind even think for a moment that this is healthy?

I am sure a lot of people do though, it is so very unfortunate. So many people are looking for a quick fix, a trick that will work instantly. I see it all the time, people will remark how good I look, and they ask what they can do to look better and I always start by asking them what they eat on a typical day. This seems to be one major part of most people's lives that they just aren't willing to budge on. 

I tell them, every small change helps, sometimes you need to start with baby steps. Eliminate the cream in your coffee. If you cannot do that, switch to whole milk, then skim, then black. Ease into it.

Cut out your last starch meal of the day, replace it with vegetables. Eliminate sodas, drink more water. Cut back on alcohol. 

One trick that many people seem to be able to live with is reducing their starch in half at each meal, they don't feel so deprived.

Learn to eat healthy, to treat your body with respect. What you do to it now will determine how it serves you later in life.

Almased recently received a warning letter from the FDA in response to their false claims, if you are considering using this product, I urge you to read this first, it may change your mind.


  1. One thing it does do, it helps me sleep all night. I don't toss back and forth as much and I am well rested.

  2. Thank you for your review of Almased - I was researching it...trying to find that 'quick fix.' Over the past two years I've gained almost 15 pounds!

  3. Have you actually tried this product? It seems to me you should since you are reviewing it.

  4. No I have not, and if you actually read the post I was not reviewing "the product" as much as their claims and their methods. It is an extremely unhealthy and unsustainable method of losing weight. It's a joke, and a marketing ploy to push a product that is exactly the same as a million others out there. I wouldn't waste my money or time on this.