Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Do You Compete? (Real Feats of Strength profile)

“Do you compete?”  I remember the first time I heard the question and really had no idea what it meant.  Here is the definition from Merriam-Webster


 intransitive verb \kəm-ˈpēt\
com·pet·ed  com·pet·ing

Definition of COMPETE

: to strive consciously or unconsciously for an objective (as position, profit, or a prize) : be in a state of rivalry <competing teams> <companies competing for customers>

Examples of COMPETE

  1. Thousands of applicants are competing for the same job.
  2. She competed against students from around the country.
  3. We are competing with companies that are twice our size.
  4. Did you compete in the track meet on Saturday?
  5. The radio and the television were both on, competing for our attention.

Origin of COMPETE

Late Latin competere to seek together, from Latin, to come together, agree, be suitable, from com- + petere to go to, seek

Related to COMPETE

Synonyms: battlecontendface offfightracerivalvie
Related Words: challengeengageplayjockeyjostlemaneuvergo outtry outtrainwork

Just like any other word, the meaning can change depending on the context with which it is used. It means many different things, especially when you consider the synonyms and the related words, so it depends on how you look at it doesn’t it? To me, and to most women I know who compete, it is really a competition with ourselves.

Oh, sure we all want to get out there on stage and win a trophy, we want to be acknowledged as the best, or one of the best, but do you really think that the 5 minutes up on stage is the “thrill” that keeps us going? That we work day in and day out just for that? 

If you told me that the “reward” I would receive for getting up every day at 4:00am to lift weights, to diet most of my life, to refrain from alcohol and sweets, to make time for cardio after work when I am tired, was the “pleasure of being at an all day and night long competition waiting to stand and pose on stage for a few minutes to win a plastic trophy” I think I would politely decline your offer!

No, is just another small piece of the very detailed puzzle that comprises my life. I am not sure if I can even tell you why I compete, but I can tell you how it all started!

Quite some time ago I was contacted by Joe, the moderator from Real Feats of Strength, he asked if I would do an online interview for his site and of course I said I would love to. But it had so many questions, and he wanted many details that I let it lie for ages. He would email me every few months to ask if I had finished, and I always intended to but then ran out of time, I am a very busy person!

I finally finished and he promptly published it on his site. 

Many people find those of us who “compete” a curiosity - why do we do what we do? What motivates us?  What pushes us? How did we get started? It comes up at almost every social gathering I attend, and it is really such a long story for all of us. Sometimes I shorten the story, sometimes I elaborate, I love telling stories but have to really be in the mood.

Please take a minute to read my RFOS Athlete profile, I think you may find it interesting! 

If you would like to be featured, contact Joe at Real Feats of Strength, and tell him that I sent you!