Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Week 10 to Competition (start of diet)

Let the conditioning begin!

I am officially "on the diet" and counting down (or is it up?) to my next competition on May 5, 2012.

That's 10 weeks away. 

For those of you who have not followed me on the journey, I will explain the process. Each weekend I will take photos of all sides in my competition suit and I will post them on Tuesday. You will see me from start to finish.

This is much different than most people on the Internet. Most only show you pictures when they are at their best, when they have dieted down and are photo-shoot ready.

Not me! I take new pictures every week, so you see me as I look in the moment! I think it is very important for people to understand that we all have to work to get where we want, and if you can see me make changes every week then you can do it too!

In these pictures I am still holding onto vacation "bloat". I just spent a week in Mexico eating and drinking every single day, and when I say "eating and drinking", that means fried foods, chips, guacamole, alcohol, fatty meats, you name it.  I did not adhere to my usual clean diet and my body reflects that. And...I haven't been dieting!

Actually, my second night back I started to adjust, and the water just kept releasing, I was up all night long peeing- I think I must have gotten up at least 10 times (seriously). My body had been retaining water and as I got back to no alcohol and a clean diet, and very little starches, it started to release the water and toxins.

These pictures were taken Sunday, February 26, 2012. I am at 126.8 pounds.

I will discuss my new diet over the next few weeks, and although I am not making drastic changes I am making changes. Each competition and the months following I learn more about my body, what works and what doesn't.

Here you can see that the waist needs to come in, abs need to show, right now they look fine for "walking around" but not for standing on stage!

Again, you can see the stomach, it needs to be flat and concave, not convex! Ribs really should be more prominent, glute and hip area are holding on to a small layer of fat. 

I will have to start in on the back twice a week again, while I have some broadness, the V taper is not where it should be, although when the waist comes in that will appear more prominent. Some back fat will need to be shed also, I don't see any definition. The glute-ham tie in isn't as bad as the start of the diet from my last competition, once I drop the fat it will look smoother and tighter, I am pleased to see I don't have big "smileys" , I think I have Roy to thank for that- we have been working on my hamstrings quite a bit!
 The delts will need some more work to really pop (but don't forget I was off lifting for a week). 
And the smile is always hard, this get up isn't very comfortable! Besides the 5 inch Lucite heels that are mandatory, you have a custom made suit that is small. 

 Above is the front of the bottoms. High sides huh?

 Then the back (ha ha- its as small as the front!) with two plastic clips to hold the top back straps onto it, so everything gets cinched up together.

The top, well I suppose these are bigger for some gals.....

That's it, I am so excited to be launching into another adventure and to have you all following along!