Tuesday, February 7, 2012


A friend sent me an email on Sunday, she was telling me about some new clothes she bought. The color? Black and she said "I know, not your thing. You like the bright colors, you like to stand out, to be noticed, to grab everyone's attention."


I do love to be the center of attention, and I love to walk by and see heads turn, maybe that's why I am successful competing. You cannot be very shy and stand up on stage, especially with almost nothing covering your body.

You need to feel confident, comfortable in your own skin, and proud. I am very proud of myself, I like what I have created.

I think that's why I work so hard in the gym, why I devote so much time and energy on my physique.

A trainer came up to me on Sunday as I was on the Low Cable Row. She said she wanted to tell me about a friend of hers who was visiting from out of town, and she was in the Gym with her the other day. She was going "ga-ga" over my physique, she thought it was 
phenomenal (her words). She then said "I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of sharing your age, and when I told her you were 50, she refused to believe me."

Ha Ha Ha, I threw my head back and laughed a huge belly laugh, "Mind? Not at all I am very proud of my age"

She said she thought I might enjoy the unsolicited compliment, and I said yes, indeed, I loved it so much.

Then Sakura sent me an email after looking at Saturdays blog picture, saying "HOLY COW. Do you realize how phenomenal you look? Actually, quite a difference from when I first started reading your blog, Mama! But a good difference. :) 

Two "phenomenals" in one day! YES!

We all go through periods of self doubt, questioning if what we are doing is right, is it working? Am I eating correctly, training correctly? Am I devoting the time to the body parts that need it most? The list is endless. Although it may sound funny, my husband gets tired of me standing naked in front of him asking how things look (really, it gets old).

These two compliments will keep me motivated for weeks, I felt so good after hearing both of them.  Makes me want to wear hot pink and bust my butt in the gym even more than usual!