Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Travelling with your Food

I love bags, purses, packs, anything that carries "stuff". I always carry way too much "stuff", you never know when you might need a tape measure, flashlight, toothbrush, mirror, floss...you got the idea right? 

I have a new bag, you can see me sporting it in these pictures and I love it! This bag is huge, I mean its a good twenty inches long, 8 inches wide and 16 inches tall; It has a nice, thick shoulder strap that I can wear comfortably; it is lined with insulation; it's gray (I hate the flowered stuff); it has a pocket on each end (one zips for the wallet and one is Velcro for quick access); and it was $8.49!

It's a grocery bag from Whole Foods Market! I love the idea of those fancy shamncy "6 pack fitness bags" but they are awfully expensive, and honestly, I wouldn't use half of the little cubbies. I have all my supplements in their own pill containers and dose them out once a week, (actually five of them, since I take supplements five times a day),  I am not about to arrange them in the cute cubbies everyday; I have to carry a couple gallons of water with me or I fear dehydration, so the one slot for one water bottle will not cut it; and I prefer my own food containers.

Sure, if someone wants to give me a gift, I wouldn't say no to that bag but I am not about to spend my money on it as this works better for me. 

This one is great for a one day or an overnight trip. I can carry all my food and it has room for sweatshirts, jackets, even a small blanket! I can also use it for a gym bag if I travel to my father in laws. Just transfer my food to the fridge when i arrive and this will double as a gym bag. 

This is the perfect bag when I go to see my son's lacrosse games, go someplace for the night, or a long day trip wine tasting (even if I am not drinking) with David. Everything fits in here, hell I could almost crawl in here!

Did I mention it was $8.49?


  1. Kristy,
    You look great in these pictures! Is this your everyday bag? Do you use it as your purse?

    1. Hi Kenda! Thank you, I just took these on Friday after training. No, I take this when I have to go somewhere for several hours, so I would use it to carry my food, water and anything I might need from my purse, one big huge bag. I will bring it with all my stuff when I come over your house in a couple weeks! I will be there, doesn't look like I have to go to anywhere soon.

  2. Is it insulated?

    1. Never mind.... I need to read slower, LOL. You said it was. :)