Friday, March 22, 2013

Abs Are Made In The Kitchen (Feed Me Fit)

“Abs are made in the kitchen”

We have all heard this right? It’s true.  I am a firm believer in this. You can train as consistently and hard as possible, be spot on with every bit of your training and still never achieve the results you want if your diet is not right. And those crunches? They aren’t going to help if you have a layer of fat over the muscles.

Above are my abs two weeks ago, below a week ago. Further below was Thursday (the evening before this posted).

I have just recently launched into my "6 pack ab" goal, never before have I attempted such a lofty goal! I asked Roy what to do and he advised that I do  Garhammer Raises, a lot more difficult than they look, here is a video of them:

I do these at home with my pull up attachment in the doorway of my son's room! Then comes Swiss ball crunches, lowering my back over the ball all the way down so my head almost touches the ground, then slowly up. I hold a very small 5 pound dumbbell at the back of my head. I do these at home in my guest room. My abs are burning after the Garhammer raises, the crunches really are difficult then. 

And lastly, crunches on the Glute Ham raise, again all the way down so there is a stretch in the abs, and slowly pull up using only the abs. 

I trained for years and never truly saw the physique I was yearning for until I started to consider my diet as important as my training. The two go hand in hand; they need each other so that you, as a whole can be complete.

I learned to eat properly first by hiring a nutritionist (who also happened to have been a Figure competitor previously), then I started reading every book on nutrition I could find.  After that it was all trial and error, finding what worked right for my body.

Your diet will change according to your goals. A  Powerlifter certainly will not eat the same as a Gymnast, who will not eat the same as a Sprinter. So you need to first have a good idea of your goals and what you are trying to create.

Many people really struggle with this, I find that interesting as I have absolutely no problem with this. First, cooking was my hobby before I started to seriously train. I can taste almost any dish at a restaurant and re-create it on my own. I often ask the wait staff about ingredients and express my interest, I have been invited back into the kitchen to watch and speak with the chef more times than I can recall.  I even won the “Build A Better Burger “contest in the Western United States many years ago! This is one big reason why my family isn’t always so keen on my competitions, all my wonderful “restaurant creations” get kicked to the curb when I am in competition mode. 

Even when dieting I seem to feel fairly satisfied with my diet; I still manage to create interesting and varied foods while adhering to a clean and nutrition diet.

But, for those of you who struggle, or don’t have time to cook, there is hope and flavor!

Maggie Shih is the chef/proprietor of this service. She will plan and cook your meals so you don’t have to!  

Maggie is a Personal Trainer & Certified Fitness Chef who works with her clients to determine nutritional needs and will shop, cook and deliver meals all created specifically for you.   Maggie will even collaborate with your own personal trainer to discuss dietary needs if you prefer! 

Never heard of a Certified Fitness Chef? It is indeed a real designation!  Maggie is certified through the Spencer Institute, it is a NESTA (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association) designation. 

I haven’t tried Maggies cooking yet, but I am very interested in learning more and I will soon. One of my attractions to the fitness industry (besides all of the beautiful bodies) is the passion that everyone has about their hobbies, interest and professions. It’s not an easy one; you must pour your heart and soul into it to be successful. Meeting others with the same passions and sharing experiences is a joy to me.

She and I have been trying to get together so I can see some of her creations first hand, and because of our demanding schedules, it keeps moving; but now it looks like we will be meeting at my home on Sunday where she will whip up some meals so I can give you a firsthand report.  I will be posting a blog with lots of pictures and reviews from our morning together.

In the meantime, she will be joining other health and wellness professionals at the San Jose Nutrishop, during a sponsored “wellness night” on Monday, March 25, 2013 from 4-7pm. You can stop by and sample some of her goodies, meet her and learn more about her services (since you cannot come into my kitchen on Sunday!) 

I will not be able to attend the Nutrishop wellness night because Roy and I will be training my hamstrings at the same time, and my training always comes first!

If you stop by, be sure to tell Maggie I sent you!

Look for my report on our morning of cooking next week. Check out Feed Me Fit on Facebook or Feed Me Fit website for more information.

117 Bernal Road #10 San Jose, CA. 95119

I have not received any compensation or remuneration for this review, all views are my own. 

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