Training Facilities and Trainer

I train daily at Gold's Gym in Campbell, California.  I am there first thing when they open everyday, I train best in the mornings.

My split is currently as follows:

Mondays Accessory day
Tuesdays Military Press, Deadlifts, H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training)
Wednesdays Military Press, Squats, Dumbbell Press
Thursdays H.I.I.T. (at home on my spin bike)
Fridays Squats
Saturdays Military Press, Dumbbell Press, Accessory Day
Sundays Lower Body Squats, Deadlifts

I have a training partner on Tuesday, Wednesday Friday and Saturday. She is a team Norton member also, and follows the same training and dieting protocols that I do. We push each other to lift more and help correct form and pot each other. The other days I am on my own, and no one can help you do your H.I.I.T!

I perform a great deal of volume, but not everyday. 

The only cardio I do is the two days of H.I.I.T. and I perform this on a spin bike.

My programming is written by Dr. Layne Norton, he is my nutrition coach and trainer.

I have been working with Layne for my nutrition since August of 2103, and I started my training program with him in January of 2014.