I write about things that I am passionate about. Most often this is food, exercise, and outlook on life. I feel that we see the world the way we want to, and if we don't like what we see, we should change it.  The world treats us the way we treat it. I believe we create our own happiness or unhappiness, we have more power than we realize, we are in control of our lives and our health.

My posts will change, and focus more on diet and training during my competition season and then more on eating and training when I am not competing. The weight training never stops, it changes, just like me.

I marvel at the human body. I do believe your body is a temple, it needs to be respected, worshiped, honored. Treated correctly, it will serve you well, neglected, it will wither and die.

I am particularly passionate about weight training, working hard and being physically active. I believe that physical activity actually reverses the aging process. I love interacting with people through my blog and have met many friends as a result. I get a thrill out of teaching people to help themselves and to feel empowered.

I also feel that to be successful, we all need to embrace the thought of being "life long learners", growing and evolving and enjoying each step or stumble along the way.

I am a very positive thinking person, I find that I get along best with humor and passion, both of which get me in and out of hot water all the time!

I started writing this because I had so much to share, and I was driving people nuts, so I thought I would just get everything out in writing, and now it just continues to come, in waves and spurts. I will sometimes write about my progress, my frustrations with lack of progress, food that works or fails miserably, sadness and important moments in my life. I don't gloss over anything and I don't make things up to sound more interesting than they are.

I am more than happy to answer questions, and the best method for everyone is to comment directly on the blog and subscribe to the emails, then you will also be emailed anytime I reply to a comment. Although the only way to receive answers to comments, yours and others, is with the email subscription, videos that are posted on my blogs will not be able to be viewed via the email feed, so you must navigate directly to the blog. Many people choose to read my blog on Facebook where I post it daily, you can friend me at Kristy Holtemann Wilce or Like my Athlete page. I can also be followed on twitter @readyin5weeks.

I understand some questions are very personal though and will make efforts to answer those directly; however, I may refer you to links on my blog if I have previously written about that particular subject.

I will leave you with one of my own sayings, something that carries me through life and manages to kick start me every time.

"You have to start to finish!"